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Rogues Tavern, The

Synopsis: On a dark and stormy night, a detective and his fiancée (Wallace Ford, Barbara Pepper) arrive at the sinister Red Rock Tavern to be married. Instead they find murder. The victims seem to have been bitten to death by a vicious animal, but the Tavern owner's dog may not be the prime suspect. The couple reluctantly become sleuths, uncovering more than just a murder mystery! A quick-paced, funny, and classically haunting whodunit, The Rogues Tavern was released by Puritan Pictures and filmed at RKO's Pathe Studios. Ford and Pepper throw sparks as the wisecracking honeymooning couple, backed by a great ensemble cast in this 'old dark house' classic.

Directed By: Robert F. Hill Genre: Classic / Horror
Cast: Wallace Ford, Jack Mulhall, Barbara Pepper,
Joan Woodbury, Clara Kimball Young
Year of Production: 1936


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Rogue's Tavern, The
Rogue's Tavern, The (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Jul-8-2003
Run Time: 70 minutes

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