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8 1/2

Synopsis: One of the greatest films about film ever made, Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2 (Otto e Mezzo) turns one man’s artistic crisis into a grand epic of the cinema. Guido Anselmi (Marcello Mastroianni) is a director whose film—and life—is collapsing around him. An early working title for the film was La Bella Confusione (The Beautiful Confusion), and Fellini’s masterpiece is exactly that: a shimmering dream, a circus, and a magic act. The Criterion Collection is proud to present the 1963 Academy Award™ winner for Best Foreign-Language Film—one of the most written about, talked about, and imitated movies of all time—in a beautifully restored new digital transfer. Disc two features Fellini's rarely seen first film for television, Fellini: A Director’s Notebook (1969). Produced by Peter Goldfarb, this imagined documentary of Fellini is a kaleidoscope of unfinished projects, all of which provide a fascinating and candid window into the director's unique and creative process.

Directed By: Federico Fellini Genre: Foreign / Independent (Indie)
Cast: Anouk Aimee, Marcello Mastroianni,
Sandra Milo
Year of Production: 1963


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8 1/2
8 1/2 (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Dec-4-2001
Run Time: 138 minutes
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8 1/2 [Blu-ray]
8 1/2 [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray Disc, Not Rated)

Region: Free (Blu-ray)
Released: Jan-12-2010
Run Time: 261 minutes
Average Rating: (1 vote)

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Essential Art House, Volume Five
Essential Art House, Volume Five (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Apr-13-2010
Run Time: N/A

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