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The Bull of the West

Synopsis: This movie is one of Bronson's best westerns and the movie also goes by the title "Bull of The West". Bronson plays Rancher Ben Justin that is just trying to make a living starting up a cattle ranch; the main problem he faces in this one, believe it or not, is himself. He is mad at everyone it seems until he finds out that not being the richest man in town isn't everything. Of course there are some bad guys over at a neighboring ranch, but they play into a minor secondary story that correlates with the main one with Ben Justin and his family. Overall I'd say this movie leaves you with a better understanding of life and leaves you with a good moral message

Directed By: Jerry Hopper, Paul Stanley Genre: Western
Cast: Charles Bronson, Geraldine Brooks, Gary Clarke, Lee J. Cobb, James Drury,
Clu Gulager, Ben Johnson, Brian Keith, DeForest Kelley, Doug McClure
Year of Production: 1971


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