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Gadget Boy

Synopsis: See our diminutive bionic hero battle the evil Spydra, with a little help from nanny Heather and robotic canine sidekick G-9. In our first action-packed episode. Spydra steals all the world's airplanes and Gadget Boy has to get them back. Then Spydra releases a rare cold germ on the world, and only Gadget Boy can find the cure. Next, Gadget Boy must ravel into space when Spydra traps the world's energy in the rings of Saturn. Finally, Gadget Boy must rescue his inventor ally, Dabble, from marrying a disguised Spydra and joining the rest of the world's greatest inventors in her control. Saving the world was never more fun!

Directed By: Pascal Morelli, Charlie Sansonetti Genre: Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy
Cast: Maurice LaMarche ., Don Adams, Ian James Corlett,
Maurice LaMarche, Tara Strong, Stevie Vallance
Year of Production: 1995


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