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Adventures Of Gallant Bess

Synopsis: A man and his horse struggle to find a place of their own while remaining true to their unbridled pioneering spirit in the colorful Western tale, Adventures of Gallant Bess. Bess is a wild horse captured after a five-day struggle with wandering farm hand Ted Daniels. Ted and Bess make the perfect pair, traveling the country, enjoying the pleasures of nature and freedom. They enter a Rodeo contest run by corrupt Bud Millerick. The duo steals the show and wins the sizable prize money only to be robbed when Ted breaks his leg. Bess is stolen by Bud while Ted recuperates under the watchful eyes of beautiful Penny Grey. Love blooms between them, but Ted cannot forget Bess and sets out to find her.

Directed By: Lew Landers Genre: Classic / Western
Cast: Fuzzy Knight, Audrey Long,
James Millican, Cameron Mitchell
Year of Production: 1948


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Adventures of Gallant Bess
Adventures of Gallant Bess (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Nov-23-2004
Run Time: 71 minutes

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