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Ghost Mine

Synopsis: The Lone Rider (George Houston) and his sidekick Fuzzy (Al St. John) are torn away from their bucolic lives as wandering cowpoke minstrels when a badly beaten man reports the disappearance of several of his fellow gold prospectors who have all staked claims near the spooky ghost town of Parker's Digs. Fuzzy meets up with his old scalawag crony Moosehide who was recently boondoggled out of his claim. The trio sets off to investigate mysterious occurrences in the forbidding mountains around the abandoned gold mine. They are unaware that a crime syndicate has sent a death squad to insure that the "empty" mines of Parker's Digs remain off-limits.

Directed By: Sam Newfield Genre: Western
Cast: Budd Buster, Alden Chase, George Houston,
Reed Howes, Al St. John, Charles King
Year of Production: 1941


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Ghost Mine
Ghost Mine (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Apr-27-2004
Run Time: 58 minutes

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