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Light Of Western Stars, The

Synopsis: From the books of legendary American writer Zane Grey comes Light Of The Western Stars, a classic tale of corruption and redemption in the old west! When cowpoke Dick Bailey (Richard Arlen) sees his best friend and employer Pie Pan Hammond shot down by a mysterious assassin, he suspects that the crooked sheriff may be making a move to steal his friend's land. Matters are complicated further when Bailey, out on a bender, pledges to marry the first woman he sees, who just happens to be Hammond's sister Ruth, who has arrived in town to take over her brother's ranch. At first, Ruth shuns Bailey's affections, but soon finds that she needs his help to fight off the ruthless Sheriff and his gang of outlaws before they take over the family ranch!

Directed By: Otto Brower, Edwin H. Knopf Genre: Classic / Western
Cast: Richard Arlen, Mary Brian, Harry Green,
Fred Kohler, Guy Oliver, Regis Toomey
Year of Production: 1930


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Light of Western Stars, The
Light of Western Stars, The (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Jul-26-2005
Run Time: 70 minutes

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