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Molly And Lawless John

Synopsis: Ruthless outlaw Johnny Lawler (Sam Elliott) is a handsome and charming sweet-talker who convinces shy, romance-starved Molly Parker (Vera Miles) to help him escape from prison. The problem is Molly just happens to be married to the man who jailed Lawler, the cold and callous Sheriff Marvin Parker (John Anderson). Molly not only aids the condemned prisoner break out of the frontier hoosegow, she also joins him on a cross-country flight through the desert. As the pair does their best to elude the posse led by her vengeful husband, Molly soon learns that Lawler has no feelings for her at all and that he's simply been using her.

Directed By: Gary Nelson Genre: Classic / Western
Cast: Pasqualita Baca, Melinda Chavaria, Sam Elliott,
Terry Kingsley-Smith, Vera Miles, Cynthia Myers
Year of Production: 1972


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Molly and Lawless John
Molly and Lawless John (DVD, PG-13)

Region: 1
Released: Dec-23-2003
Run Time: 98 minutes

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