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Saddle Mountain Round-Up

Synopsis: Convinced that he's being stalked by an unknown enemy, ranch owner Magpie Harper sends an urgent summons to his three most trusted employees - The Range Busters! Crash and Dusty immediately head back to the ranch, leaving the cattle drive in Alibi's capable hands, but are too late to save the old man from being murdered. Wary of putting their faith in the untrustworthy sheriff, the two mount their own investigation and turn up several possible suspects: Harper's cook Fang Way seems to know more than he is letting on, as does foreman Blackie Stone; and then there's Jack Henderson, a businessman who had entered into a tenuous and strained partnership with the deceased. There's also the matter of Harper's missing money and Alibi's mysterious disappearance.

Directed By: S. Roy Luby Genre: Classic / Western
Cast: Lita Conway, Ray Corrigan, Willie Fung,
John King, Jack Mulhall, Max Terhune
Year of Production: 1941


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Range Busters: Saddle Mountain Round-Up
Range Busters: Saddle Mountain Round-Up (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Feb-27-2007
Run Time: 60 minutes

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