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Rogue Of The Range

Synopsis: The only way G-Man Danny Doran can put an end to a series of stagecoach holdups is by posing as an outlaw and going to jail. While in prison, Dan befriends a gang member and infiltrates the gang. Dan's cover is soon blown, and his life is in grave danger. Will Dan's wits pull him through, or will he become the next victim of the heartless outlaws? Witness this intriguing investigative western, which is certain to amuse, enthrall and entertain you till the end!

Directed By: S. Roy Luby Genre: Western
Cast: George Ball, Johnny Mack Brown, Alden' Chase,
Phyllis Hume, Lois January, Jack Rockwell
Year of Production: 1936


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Rogue of the Range (1936) DVD [Remastered Edition]
Rogue of the Range (1936) DVD [Remastered Edition] (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Oct-31-2006
Run Time: 60 minutes

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