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Outlaws Of Sonora

Synopsis: Holdup men are running wild in Mesquite County, and the authorities don't know who they are or when they'll strike next. The Cattlemen's Association is about to entrust Mesquiteers Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith, and Lullaby Joslin with a $22,000 deposit from The Red Rock Bank. Traveling alone en route to the bank, Stony is accosted by the outlaws. In a moment of inspiration, gang leader Dude Brannen notices an uncanny resemblance between himself and Brooke, and decides to take his place. Unable to fool the bank manager, Brannen shoots him and grabs the cash, leaving the law, townspeople, and even the Mesquiteers believing that Stony Brooke is a murderer. Meanwhile, the real Stony has outlived his usefulness to Dude, and makes a daring escape.

Directed By: George Sherman Genre: Classic / Western
Cast: Ray Corrigan, Bob Livingston, Tom London,
Jack Mulhall, Gloria Rich, Max Terhune
Year of Production: 1938


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Three Mesquiteers: Outlaws of Sonora, The
Three Mesquiteers: Outlaws of Sonora, The (DVD, NR)

Region: Free
Released: Mar-6-2007
Run Time: 53 minutes

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