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Jade Dagger Ninja

Synopsis: A marriage between nobles in Ancient China sets the stage for murder, monsters, and mutilation as the invited guests search for a secret hidden treasure. A search that leads them through dark evil forests, opulent palaces, and each other! When two sick and twisted killers enter the fray, it is up to our hat wearing hero to straighten things out and put the warlords, henchmen, and evil ninja six feet under! But is he working for the law, or himself? Flying fighters, mental martial artists, evil Shaolin monks, and even more of those pointy hats come together to make this a blend of classic Asian Horror and Martial Arts that must truly be seen to be believed. All culminating in a final fight where men turn into monsters and break swords (and other men) in half like little twigs!

Directed By: Li Chao Yung Genre: Action / Classic / Cult
Cast: Tien Ho, Tsung Hua,
Tien Peng
Year of Production: 1982


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Jade Dagger Ninja
Jade Dagger Ninja (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Nov-4-2003
Run Time: 92 minutes

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