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Song Of The Gringo

Synopsis: Lawman Tex Ritter is dispatched to round up a gang of thieves whose specialty is cheating miners out of their claims. Going undercover as a dangerous fugitive, Tex joins up with Slash Evans, the brains behind the scam, and quickly learns the nature of his enterprise - loaning the operators money to stay afloat, then killing them to gain legal possession of their property. As an untested member of the gang, Tex is assigned to murder the next victim, and with his only option being to kill or be killed, Tex must pull off some impressive maneuvering to stay alive.

Directed By: John P. McCarthy Genre: Western
Cast: Ted Adams, Monte Blue, Fuzzy Knight,
Warner Richmond, Tex Ritter, Joan Woodbury
Year of Production: 1936


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Song of the Gringo
Song of the Gringo (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Aug-9-2005
Run Time: 61 minutes

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