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Adventures Of Long John Silver, The: Volume 3

Synopsis: Jim's guardian demands the boy be returned to England for a Christian upbringing, so Long John quickly sends the lad to a school in Bermuda. Long John stands to lose his ship if he fails to raise money for the new war tax. The crew threatens mutiny if Long John doesn't do something about the bad tooth that's been making him so ornery. This motivates the stubborn pirate to rescue a Scottish dentist from a Spanish fort. Long John Silver's plans of doing "honest tradin'" on the high seas are scuttled after a French military vessel seizes Old Faithful. With his crew now in manacles, the pirate conspires to win back control of the ship, even if he has to cook lavish meals for the new captain.

Directed By: Lee Sholem Genre: Action / Adventure
Cast: Connie Gilchrist, Robert Newton,
Grant Taylor, Kit Taylor
Year of Production: 1955


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Adventures of Long John Silver - Volume 3
Adventures of Long John Silver - Volume 3 (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Nov-13-2007
Run Time: 105 minutes

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