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Synopsis: Director Tony Marsiglia and acclaimed erotica actress Misty Mundae team up again to deliver a harrowing remake of the shocking cult oddity from 1968. Chantal has just arrived in California to become a movie star. Beautiful, naïve and dangerously delusional, she wanders the boulevards looking for her first big break. There she meets Tracy, an actress-turned-prostitute, and the two of them begin an uneasy intimate relationship. Tracy warns of the harsh realities lurking beyond the glamorous façade of Hollywood, but Chantal’s innocence makes her easy prey for monsters that inhabit the dark underbelly of the film business.

Directed By: Tony Marsiglia Genre: Adult / Drama
Cast: Darian Caine, Shelly Jones, Misty Mundae,
Julie Strain, Julian Wells
Year of Production: 2007


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Chantal 2-DVD Edition
Chantal 2-DVD Edition (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Nov-13-2007
Run Time: 240 minutes

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