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2103: The Deadly Wake

Synopsis: The mega-tanker Lilith needs a captain and the huge Proxate corporation wants the desperate and half drunk Sean Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell, Star Trek: Generations, A Clockwork Orange). Murdoch hasn't captained a ship since sinking his last assignment and is desperate for a job. However, he quickly realizes he is in for more than he bargained for when he discovers that the Lilith is a prison ship, crewed by the viciously insane. The tough as nails warden Tarkis (Michael Pare, Men of Means, Carver's Gate) doesn't agree with Proxate's decision for captain, as the two have a long standing hatred. When crewmembers start dying under mysterious circumstances, mutiny seems inevitable.

Alternate Title(s): Hydrosphere

Directed By: Philip Jackson Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Hal Eisen, Malcolm McDowell, Heidi von Palleske,
Michael Pare, Gwynyth Walsh
Year of Production: 1996


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2103: The Deadly Wake
2103: The Deadly Wake (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Oct-30-2007
Run Time: 100 minutes

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