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In The Dead Of Space

Synopsis: High above the earth floats the rotating Russian space station Telsa. Astrophysicist astronaut Konrad (Micheal Pare) joins the ecectic multinational crew with spectacular impact, when his shuttle catastrophically collides with the station. Accusations fly and tempers flare, followed by calmer emotions which clear the air. But the rarified atmosphere has a new scent, tinted with love, jealousy, rivalry, madness and murder. An international conspiracy has stretched its icy hand up to the Telsa, threatening to pull the space station earthward in a massive fireball towards an unsuspecting Los Angeles. One of the crew is guilty. Now the crew must find the evil among them, before it finds them. However, In the dead of space there is nowhere to run.

Directed By: Eli Necakov Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Lisa Bingley, Tony Curtis Blondell,
George Chuvalo, Michael Pare
Year of Production: 1999


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In the Dead of Space
In the Dead of Space (DVD, R)

Region: 1
Released: Feb-8-2000
Run Time: 85 minutes

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