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Johnny 2.0

Synopsis: The last thing Dr. Johnny Dalton (Jeff Fahey - Silverado, The Lawnmower Man) remembers is getting beaten by a group of eco-terrorists who were vandalizing his lab at Azine, a biotech firm that specializes in animal cloning. When he wakes up, his business partner Frank Donahue (Michael Ironside - Starship Troopers, Top Gun The Perfect Storm) tells him that fifteen years have elapsed and Johnny is merely a clone of himself with a set of reloaded memories. He's been created to track down the real Dr. Dalton who disappeared over a year earlier, taking with him Azine's most devastating discovery as well as the key to disarming Johnny's genetic time-bomb.

Directed By: Neill Fearnley Genre: Sci-Fi
Cast: Jeff Fahey, Von Flores, Michael Ironside,
John Neville, Michael Rhoades, Tahnee Welch
Year of Production: 1998


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Johnny 2.0
Johnny 2.0 (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jun-15-2004
Run Time: 101 minutes

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