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Synopsis: Lieutenant Jack Tannen has lost his job in the Special Forces following a failed attempt to capture the self-appointed General Kraft (Joe Lara), which ultimately cost his troops their lives. Fueled by anger and despair, Tannen teams up with Jessica, the daughter of a scientist who Kraft kidnapped during the confrontation. With Kraft now threatening the lives of the nation, Tannen must secretly assemble his own team of top soldiers to infiltrate Kraft's lair before he detonates a nuclear device. Accompanied by Jessica, Tannen will discover a deadly twist that will threaten the relationships of all involved and further cloud the issue of who is the real danger to national security.

Directed By: Mark Roper Genre: Action / Thriller
Cast: Elizabeth Giordano, Joe Lara,
Frank Zagarino
Year of Production: 1996


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Warhead (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Aug-14-2007
Run Time: 100 minutes

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