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Time Barbarians

Synopsis: When Doran (Deron McBee, Mortal Combat: Annihilation), warrior king of the forest, butts heads with evil wizard Mandrak (Daniel Martine, Cause of Death), he soon finds his kingdom in peril. Following an intense barbarian war, Mandrak takes the life of Doran's nubile warrior queen Lystra (Joanne Ayers, Treasure of the Moon Goddess) and escapes through a time portal to modern day Los Angeles. Heartbroken and hell bent on revenge, Doran follows Mandrak through time to exact his revenge, but instead finds himself trapped in a world he does not understand!

Directed By: Joseph John Barmettler Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Cast: Joanne Ayers, Daniel Martine,
Deron McBee
Year of Production: 1990


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Time Barbarians
Time Barbarians (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jun-28-2005
Run Time: 90 minutes

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