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One Silver Dollar

Synopsis: Giuliano Gemma plays a confederate soldier who returns from the war to fight one at home. Unbeknownst to him, his brother has become the infamous gunfighter "Black Jack" to defeat the local bullies. Gemma agrees to ambush and kill Black Jack, only to discover too late who the outlaw really is. With vengeance in his heart he turns on his employers, who then shoot him. Written by Cristian Redferne

Alternate Title(s): Blood for a Silver Dollar , Dollar troué, Le

Directed By: Giorgio Ferroni Genre: Foreign / Western
Cast: Giuseppe Addobbati, Tullio Altamura, Pierre Cressoy, Franco Fantasia,
Ida Galli, Giuliano Gemma, Massimo Righi, Andrea Scotti
Year of Production: 1965


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One Silver Dollar
One Silver Dollar (DVD, Not Rated)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-1-2007
Run Time: 95 minutes

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