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White Warrior, The

Synopsis: The White Warrior is an Italian battle film spawned from the pages of Leo Tolstory's noel depicting the feud between Czarist Russia and various Caucasus ethnic groups in the 1800s. One man, Hadji Murad (Steve Reeves) - the White Warrior - is the benevolent hero, clad in all white robes, who takes up arms against the invading Russians. But Murad's task is more complex than a simple battle - there are political issues to overcome, and more importantly, there is romance to be had - obstacles that may prove too much - even for a hero.

Alternate Title(s): Beli djavo, The White Warrior

Directed By: Riccardo Freda Genre: Action / Adventure / Documentary
Cast: Scilla Gabel, Jovan Gec, Gerard Herter, Giorgia Moll,
Nikola Popovic, Steve Reeves, Niksa Stefanini
Year of Production: 1959


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White Warrior, The
White Warrior, The (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Jan-17-2006
Run Time: 86 minutes

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