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It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown

Synopsis: What do you do when your town is overrun with soccer-playing, river-dancing mice? Charlie Brown has an idea -- call Snoopy to the rescue! In this delightful Peanuts Classic -- the last special developed under the supervision of creator Charles Schulz -- Snoopy becomes the Pied Piper Beagle. Playing a magical-sounding concertina, Snoopy travels from street to street trying to make the troublemaking mice follow him out of town. Will it work? We'll find out as this beloved story unfolds and have a lot of fun dancing, laughing and playing along the way. Featuring a bonus tribute to Charles Schulz, It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown is a program every Peanuts fan will cherish.

Directed By: Bill Melendez Genre: Animation / Classic
Cast: Joan Van Ark, Quinn Beswick, Rachel Davey, Ashley Edner,
Bill Melendez, Pat Musick, Neil Ross, Frank Welker
Year of Production: 2000


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It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown
It's The Pied Piper, Charlie Brown (DVD, NR)

Region: 1
Released: Sep-12-2000
Run Time: 24 minutes

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