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Divorcing Jack

Synopsis: Black romantic comedy set around the troubled "peace process" and its effect on a cynical Belfast hack. A married drunk hooks up with the ex-girlfriend of a viscious local criminal. He gets booted out of home for his infedelity, has a murderer on his tail, and must try to write the story of his life in order to save his journalism job.

Directed By: David Caffrey Genre: Comedy / Thriller
Cast: Kitty Aldridge, Laura Fraser, Bronagh Gallagher, Richard Gant,
Rachel Griffiths, Jason Isaacs, Laine Megaw, David Thewlis
Year of Production: 1998


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Divorcing Jack
Divorcing Jack (DVD, K-15)

Region: 2
Released: Jan-1-2000
Run Time: 106 minutes

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