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Erotic Witch Project 2: Book of Seduction

Synopsis: After The Erotic Witch Project (1999) created such a buzz among sexploitation fans worldwide, one should have guessed that just like the Hollywood version that a sequel would be inevitable . Darian Caine re-appears as an erotically possessed survivor from part one, who seduces all who come in contact with her. A reporter and her very funny, wise-cracking camera man show-up at the local `Khan Institute for Mental Health', to find the story of the missing girls, and end up in an orgy of "...panting, pleasure soaked sex machines". Along with the hot lesbo action comes the return of an...ape, and a local town cop trying to solve the case...that took place in Bacchusville Woods.

Directed By: John Bacchus Genre: Fantasy / Horror
Cast: Rio, Kimbo, Darian Caine, Jeffrey Faoro, William Hellfire,
Katie Jordan, A.J. Khan, Allanah Rhodes, Zachary Winston Snygg, Michael R. Thomas
Year of Production: 2000


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Erotic Witch Project 2 - Book of Seduction
Erotic Witch Project 2 - Book of Seduction (DVD, Unrated)

Region: 1
Released: May-6-2001
Run Time: 110 minutes

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