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Erotic Witch Project

Synopsis: In a fairly straightforward "erotic" take on The Blair Witch Project, Katie (Laurie Wallace) is doing a documentary on the Erotic Witch, and has her friends Darian (Darian Caine) and Vikki (Victoria Vega) come along. They interview some people, find some mystery items in the woods, lose the map, etc. Where BWP had a lot of profanity, this one has a lot of nudity and lesbian sex.

Directed By: John Bacchus Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
Cast: Darian Caine, Jeffrey Faoro, John Link, James Magee, Joe Ned,
Michael Raso, Zachary Winston Snygg, Victoria Vega, Laurie Wallace
Year of Production: 1999


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Erotic Witch Project Collector's Edition DVD
Erotic Witch Project Collector's Edition DVD (DVD, Unrated)

Region: 1
Released: Feb-15-2000
Run Time: 140 minutes

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