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Finding Nemo Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Finding Nemo.

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Finding Nemo

(1 out of 1 people agreed with this review)

schatje, Netherlands (Reviewer Ranking: 15) wrote this review on November 19, 2005:

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Review Nemo. (2 out of 2 people agreed with this review)

Floppy, United Kingdom (Reviewer Ranking: 14) wrote this review on October 9, 2004:

This is as everyone that seen the Film either on the big screen or at home, with their feet up, a film for all ages with great animation sequences, beautifullly rendered and of truly epic proportions.

The humor is sharp and witty, riveting animation film that will also keep you submersed in the story line that will guide you thru the life of our little Nemo and his corageous father.

A must see for everyone, no doubt even if to find out how the story goes and the variety of characters that make this one of Top animation films of all times.

A thumbs up from me.

Video Rating: 10101010101010101010
Audio Rating: 10101010101010101010
Extras Rating: 7777777777
Movie Rating: 8888888888
Overall Rating:

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Great movie, Fantastic DVD (8 out of 9 people agreed with this review)

DVDGuy, Australia (Reviewer Ranking: 4) wrote this review on September 11, 2004:

This is not the best film I've seen in the world (or from Pixar), but it certainly is one of the best DVDs ever released. There is just so much content on this DVD, it's unbelievable!!

Video Rating: 9999999999
Audio Rating: 9999999999
Extras Rating: 10101010101010101010
Movie Rating: 7777777777
Overall Rating:

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