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Jeepers Creepers (Special Widescreen Edition) Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Jeepers Creepers (Special Widescreen Edition).

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Jeepers Creepers (Special Widescreen Edition)
Jeepers almost Creepers (1 out of 1 people agreed with this review)

blacklegend, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 8) wrote this review on September 18, 2005:

A movie with much potential, good acting, a horrific villain, but ruined by a mediocre script and some unnecessary--and missing--plot elements.

The first 30 minutes of the movie bordered on outstanding, but after that it started a descent and never made a full recovery. The old rusty truck barreling down the road, the slide down the sewer, the discovery of what was there, those irritating squawking crows--good build-up. But after that, it was as if the script writers didn't quite know how to do the rest, didn't quite know how to integrate the story.

By inserting a handful of unnecessary elements into the plot, the script undermined the intensity it had built. The psychic lady, for example, was the first such unneeded element. She added nothing that couldn't have been introduced by some other plot device. The viewer just wants to stuff one of the teens' smelly socks into her big fat yapper. She was worthless.

The villain was scary, but one never learns much about him, other than what the psychic lady sputtered, about "23 years for 23 days" Oh, the horror of the number 23! Whatever. The 23-year thing was one of those unneeded plot elements that was left dangling.

The creature's penchant for using a particular sense perception in order to determine what to grab from his next victim, was dumb, as was the reason WHY. The writers could have dreamed up something better than THAT. Yeah, I know--that's how they made the 'where'd you get those peepers' line significant, but come on; they could have done better. By the time the character makes his full-fledged appearance, it's anti-climactic. He's just another horror villain able to show up anywhere and engage in disgusting acts. Yawn.

But what wasn't a yawner was when the 2 teens have the opportunity to run him over. The car-walking scene, his daring them by pacing in the middle of the road, was superb.

What WAS that thing? Why did it do what it did? Are there more like it? Where did it come from? Why every 23 years for 23 days--why not a nice round number like, say, 25? Why not every 10? The viewer never learns.

The rest of the movie, from the police station scene forward, was a hasty patchwork that attempted to tie everything together, but failed. Too bad. The movie had such potential. Jeepers almost Creepers.

Video Rating: 8888888888
Audio Rating: 9999999999
Extras Rating: 8888888888
Movie Rating: 6666666666
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