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Suspiria: Limited Edition Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Suspiria: Limited Edition.

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Suspiria: Limited Edition
Argento\'s Finest

brandonearly, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 10) wrote this review on September 26, 2012:

Suspiria is Italian director Dario Argento\'s masterwork, a garish nightmare of oversaturated colors and painterly compositions that plays like a fairy tale for adults. Nominally about a coven of witches and the dance academy for young women that they use to conceal their activities, the narrative is really only a framework upon which Argento builds his fever dream of stylish visuals and discordant sound. Frequent collaborator Goblin provides the nerve-jangling score, easily the band\'s most effective, and the aural assault is every bit as important to the success of the enterprise as Argento\'s aggressive visual attack. The two halves work in tandem to create a perfect storm of deeply disturbing hallucinatory horror.
Suspiria tells the tale of Mater Suspiriorum, the Mother of Sighs, and is the first film of Argento\'s loosely related Three Mothers trilogy, each of which focuses on the story of one of a triumvirate of ancient, evil witches. Inferno followed in 1980 and told of Mater Tenebrarum, the Mother of Darkness, the youngest and cruelest of the three. The Mother Of Tears belatedly concluded the trilogy in 2007 and told of Mother Lachrymarum, the most powerful of the three witches.
Argento failed to match the delirious heights of Suspiria with either of its follow-ups, but it would have been nearly impossible to do so. The first was as close to perfection as genre movies get. Everyone should see Suspiria at least twice: once to let the malevolent magic wash over you, and once more to marvel at the flawless skill and technique with which Argento casts his cinematic spell.

Video Rating: 9999999999
Audio Rating: 9999999999
Extras Rating: 10101010101010101010
Movie Rating: 9999999999
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