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Butterfly Effect, The - Director's Cut Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Butterfly Effect, The - Director's Cut.

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Butterfly Effect, The - Director's Cut
Good movie, wrong version (1 out of 1 people agreed with this review)

DVDGuy, Australia (Reviewer Ranking: 4) wrote this review on March 10, 2005:

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the DVD. In terms of audio (the time travel warp sound effect is surreal) and video, I don't think anyone can complain too much about it.

However, there is a huge gripe with the region 4 (Australian) version of this DVD, in that the "Theatrical Cut" is not present (unlike the Region 1 US version). Now normally this might not be such a big problem, since most Director's cuts just insert some deleted scenes back into the film - even the Star Wars Special Editions didn't change the plot in any significant way. But this new cut changes the ending completely and the tone of the film as well. To take the Star Wars example further, the new Butterfly Effect ending is like changing the end of Return of the Jedi so that Darth Vadar lives, turns back to the good side and lives happily ever after with Luke and the Ewoks. I doubt any one would put up with having only this version of ROJ available on DVD.

Now I actually liked the new ending, but to not include the original cut (when technology is available to do this in terms of seamless branching), and also having to live with the fact that the US version has the original ending, the DVD feels like a slap in the face. I think I may need to download a pirated R1 version of this movie just to see the original ending.

I wish studios would stop messing with us and just release the same DVD with all the same features in all regions.

Video Rating: 8888888888
Audio Rating: 9999999999
Extras Rating: 6666666666
Movie Rating: 8888888888
Overall Rating:

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