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Slacker: Criterion Collection Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Slacker: Criterion Collection.

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Slacker: Criterion Collection
A great indie...
10101010101010101010 (1 out of 2 people agreed with this review)

LightBulbFilm, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 6) wrote this review on April 29, 2005:

This film is very well done. The dialogue, the comedy, the way the camera moves to introduce the characters, and of course the introduction of the 97 characters in the short time of 100 minutes. Although, in some parts this film does get boring. Most of the times it is interesting, but other times you may not really get into the conversations. I found though, I understood and/or related to some of the stories. It was amazing. Richard Linklater's Slacker is definitely a Criterion worthy title, and I'm glad they picked this up and distributed it on DVD.

Video Rating: 10101010101010101010
Audio Rating: 10101010101010101010
Extras Rating: 10101010101010101010
Movie Rating: 10101010101010101010
Overall Rating: 10101010101010101010

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