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Intolerable Cruelty (Widescreen) Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Intolerable Cruelty (Widescreen).

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Intolerable Cruelty (Widescreen)
One of the worst films I've ever seen...
1111111111 (1 out of 2 people agreed with this review)

LightBulbFilm, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 6) wrote this review on April 30, 2005:

This is what we get from 2 of the greatest American directors? This movie was both intolerable and cruel to the eyes, ears, ah heck to all the senses. This movie only had one funny thing about it: Cedric the entertainer saying "I'm gonna nail yo' ass!' and that was only good for a couple laughs. It was a waste of time, luckily I didn't go of my free will so my taste in choosing movies stays perfect. DO NOT RENT THIS MOVIE! YOU WILL BE DISSAPOINTED!

Video Rating: 1111111111
Audio Rating: 1111111111
Extras Rating: 1111111111
Movie Rating: 1111111111
Overall Rating: 1111111111

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