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Anger Management Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Anger Management.

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Anger Management
Feel the Love
7777777777 (2 out of 3 people agreed with this review)

muld3r, United Kingdom (Reviewer Ranking: 7) wrote this review on January 3, 2005:

Recipe for destruction
Step 1: Place Nicholson in a tank
Step 2: Place Sandler in a tank
Step 3: Run... Run for your hearts content!

This film is everything you want from a Sandler comedy, up there with my favourites, The Waterboy and Happy Gilmore. It folds up like a sketch show, seperating different scenes into different sketches. "The Airplane" where Sandler meets Nicholson and the laughing commences all the way through "The Buddhist Temple" to "The Baseball Game".

Seeing this movie for the first timem was really hillarioud, you can really be astonished with the amount they managed to pack into the 101 minutes. That said, the 101 minutes that you see are pure quality, everything winds up nicely and I was sitting there thinking "I never saw this in the trailer". It's a classic Sandler film which really pulls you into the movie. On the DVD itself, all the documentaries have all the cast muttering "Wow, Jack Nicholson is coming!" and it really makes you feel the same when he first appears with his head popping over the airplane seat.

As for Special features, you have the classic comedy bloopers section which will entertain you, a few featurettes, 4 "priceless" deleted scenes and a clever little idea of a DVD Game which can easily be played on your DVD player assessing your own anger problems the way they should be done!

Unfortunatley, I did notice the british DVD (region 2) has some scenes cut from the actual movie which did annoy me a bit. However, if you haven't seen the movie before hand it won't bug you.

With a greast supporting cast including Woody Harrelson, Heather Graham, John Turturro, Marisa Tomei and Luis Guzman you will definatley not be left laughing alone.

Video Rating: 7777777777
Audio Rating: 7777777777
Extras Rating: 5555555555
Movie Rating: 8888888888
Overall Rating: 7777777777

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