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Star Wars Trilogy Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Star Wars Trilogy.

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Star Wars Trilogy
Not bad, but there will probably be better... (1 out of 2 people agreed with this review)

DVDGuy, Australia (Reviewer Ranking: 4) wrote this review on October 16, 2004:

I don't think I can say anything about the movies that haven't been said already, so I won't.

The DVDs themselves are very decent, everthing that one would have hoped for when the format was first released (and the bitching about "When is Star Wars going to be on DVD" started). The extras are genuine and not the half infomercials that you find more and more often on DVDs. The documentary was particularly good, as are most of the featurettes. The commentary isn't bad either, although I'm not a big fan of audio commentaries.

However, you do get the feeling that a better DVD edition for these movies will be released once the prequel trilogy is complete (and released on DVD), an edition with more behind the scenes footage, deleted scenes, a new documentary and perhaps even the Star Wars Christmas Special. The original cut of the films would be good too...

Video Rating: 9999999999
Audio Rating: 10101010101010101010
Extras Rating: 7777777777
Movie Rating: 9999999999
Overall Rating:

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