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Star Trek: First Contact Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Star Trek: First Contact.

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Star Trek: First Contact
Waiting for the Special Edition

DVDGuy, Australia (Reviewer Ranking: 4) wrote this review on October 16, 2004:

One of the first DVDs I bought from the US (I live in Australia), and the best Star Trek movie in my opinion. There are other great Trek movies, but I feel this is the most accessible (to non Trek fans) and balanced film (in terms of having the right mix of action, humor and drama) out of all of them. If it wasn't a "Star Trek" film, I would still have loved it.

The DVD, unfortunately, is extra-less. A great video transfer (although a little too dark and grainy for my taste) with an good audio track (lacking a bit of "oomph" compared to the latest titles) makes it a great viewing experience, but what to do afterwards? The only extra is a teaser and trailer, if you can call them an extras.

The "Special Edition" re-releases of the Trek films is currently up to "Generations", so it should only be a short wait for the souped up version of this movie, which I will be getting for sure.

Video Rating: 9999999999
Audio Rating: 8888888888
Extras Rating: 2222222222
Movie Rating: 9999999999
Overall Rating:

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