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Family Guy, Vol. 3 Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Family Guy, Vol. 3.

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Family Guy, Vol. 3
If God didn't want dogs to eat dental floss, why did he make it mint flavored?

arizona1121, United States of America (Reviewer Ranking: 1) wrote this review on December 30, 2005:

It's quite a rare occasion to happen to Family Guy. With small underwhelming ratings and an ever-shifting schedule, the series seemed doomed and so it was when it was cancelled by Fox. Only rabid fanbases bought the DVD's like crazy and reruns on networks were very high in ratings. Fox realized a little late(as usual) that they did have a hit so they brought back the series and put out around 13 episodes this past spring/summer. While there's nothing as hysterical as previous episodes, it's still got its appeal. The season premiere welcomes back the fans with "North by North Quahog" with Peter delivering a monologue about cancelled Fox shows, mentioning at least over 25 (This one bit is worth the price of the dvd set). Then we get some episodes about Peter going blind, Meg finally looking attractive (a la Britney Spears), Quagmire fighting sexual addiction, and Brian going on the Bachelorette. And as usual, we get the jabs at several celebrities including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, the Osmonds and several others.
While there is moments that are very funny, there's almost a "resting on their laurels" syndrome with some of the humor. The Simpsons formula revolved around a first act that had nothing to do with the rest of the episode such as the family attending a Renaissance Fair only to have the entire thing about the Simpsons in the future. For Family Guy, it's flashback gags where a character will say a variance of "remember that time when...?" or "I hope I did better than...". While it's of course part of the series, it's still a tad predictable. However, parts where the Keebler elves attack the Rice Krispies chefs with one of them not making it out alive or Jesus' action packed sequel to Passion of the Christ starring Chris Tucker (I love when the announcer can't pronounce Jim Caviezel's name). There's others during the show that are indeed funny although some might find a bit laziness such as bringing back the Chicken fight, Greased-up deaf guy or even Adam West doing a long laughing take, in place of his I love taffy scene. Some might be disappointed that there's less episodes here than any previous set. True, it only contains 13 episodes while the first set had 1 1/2 seasons in one pack but since the show picked up later on with Season 5 it's kind of understandable although you'd tend to ask "why not just combine 4 and 5?" The extras are good including my favorite where you get to see the actors doing a table read. I find it fascinating where an actor provides a character voice so this was great.
It's absolutely funny: I probably laughed more on this set than I did for the Uncensored dvd. The show didn't really reach the heights like it did but it'll still make you laugh.

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