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Freddy VS Ghostbusters Review

This page contains user reviews for the DVD Freddy VS Ghostbusters.

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Freddy VS Ghostbusters
What a concept!

Leburn, Canada (Reviewer Ranking: 16) wrote this review on June 25, 2005:

When I ask my friends if they have seen Freddy vs Ghostbusters yet, they usually look at me strange. Come to think of it, you probably are doing the same right now.

Don't let the title fool you, it is real and it is a Ghostbusters movie more so than Freddy film.

For a fan film, I think it is excellent. As a movie, it is still decent. The film makers have placed all sorts of flare into this film to prove how much of a fan they are of both films. From the Freddy-esque boiler rooms to the Ghostbuster proton packs with perfect stream effects.

Visuals: The movie is able to get the most out of a consumer camcorder. The special effects are amazing and fit this film perfectly. The proton streams were a real treat as was the Slimmer clone. There were also some decent gore scenes although just enough to keep it a PG-13 flick.

Audio: Braxtan and his boys were able to recycle many of the classic sound effects from both films. The Freddy and Ghostbuster themes were spot on. I noticed many little touches such as the shop scene music from Ghostbusters. The two main weapons (Knives and Proton Packs) sound as they should and seem to be from the film vaults.

Extras: For a 35 minute film, it has quite a few extras including two funny alternate endings, commentary, a making of featurette (which is down-right hilarious considering how they all keep serious throughout), and an awesome Blooper reel. All of these extras, albeit short, are high quality value and to me beats alot of the Hollywood garbage we are feed for extras.

Movie (Overall): As a film, it stands its own ground and is shelve worthy. Either fan will get a kick out of it, although I think they are more of Ghostbuster fans than Freddy. Definitely check it out. Besides it's available free at http://www.braxtanfilm.com/.

Video Rating: 8888888888
Audio Rating: 7777777777
Extras Rating: 9999999999
Movie Rating: 8888888888
Overall Rating: 8888888888

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