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2004 NFC Champions - Philadelphia Eagles
2004 NFC Champions - Philadelphia Eagles (DVD, NR)

Directed By: NFL Films
Starring: Donovan McNabb, Jeffrey Lurie
List Price: $USD19.98
Best Price: $USD 4.95 - DVD Empire
Region: 1
Released: Sep-6-2005
Run Time: 125 minutes

Alive (1993)
Alive (1993) (DVD, R)

Directed By: Frank Marshall
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano
List Price: $USD14.99
Best Price: $USD 6.99 - DVD Empire
Region: 1
Released: Nov-10-2003
Run Time: 126 minutes

Altered States
Altered States (DVD, R)
Average Rating: 5.515.515.515.515.515.515.515.515.515.51 (1 vote)

Directed By: Ken Russell
Starring: Blair Brown, Bob Balaban
List Price: $USD9.97
Best Price: $USD 5.99 - Barnes & Noble
Region: 1
Released: Dec-29-1998
Run Time: 103 minutes

At Close Range
At Close Range (DVD, R)

Directed By: James Foley
Starring: Sean Penn, Chris Penn
List Price: $USD14.95
Best Price: $USD 10.79 - DVD Empire
Region: 1
Released: Dec-5-2000
Run Time: 115 minutes

Atlantic City
Atlantic City (DVD, R)

Directed By: Louis Malle
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Susan Sarandon
List Price: $USD14.99
Best Price: $USD 8.85 - Video Universe
Region: 1
Released: May-14-2002
Run Time: 103 minutes

Bachelor Party
Bachelor Party (DVD, R)

Directed By: Neal Israel
Starring: Tom Hanks, Tawny Kitaen
List Price: $USD14.98
Best Price: $USD 8.55 - Video Universe
Region: 1
Released: Jun-5-2001
Run Time: 105 minutes

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (DVD, PG-13)
Average Rating: (1 vote)

Directed By: Mike Judge
Starring: Bruce Willis, Robert Stack
List Price: $USD12.99
Best Price: $USD 8.75 - Barnes & Noble
Region: 1
Released: Nov-23-1999
Run Time: 81 minutes

Black Eagle
Black Eagle (DVD, R)

Directed By: Eric Karson
Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Bruce Doran
List Price: $USD24.98
Region: Free
Released: Nov-24-1998
Run Time: 93 minutes

Blown Away
Blown Away (DVD, R)

Directed By: Stephen Hopkins
Starring: Lloyd Bridges, Forest Whitaker
List Price: $USD14.95
Best Price: $USD 12.75 - Amazon.com
Region: 1
Released: Sep-3-1997
Run Time: 121 minutes

Blue Steel
Blue Steel (DVD, M)

Directed By: Kathryn Bigelow
Starring: Louise Fletcher, Clancy Brown
List Price: $AUD19.95
Best Price: $AUD 11.99 - HMV.com.au
Region: 4
Released: Oct-17-2002
Run Time: 98 minutes

Cannonball Run, The
Cannonball Run, The (DVD, PG)

Directed By: Hal Needham
Starring: Dean Martin, Roger Moore
List Price: £12.99
Best Price: £ 9.99 - Play.com
Region: 2
Released: Jan-1-2005
Run Time: 91 minutes

Christmas Story, A (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Christmas Story, A (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD, PG)
Average Rating: 8.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.368.36 (1 vote)

Directed By: Bob Clark
Starring: Melinda Dillon, Darren McGavin
List Price: $USD26.99
Region: 1
Released: Oct-7-2003
Run Time: 98 minutes

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