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Without A Paddle (Widescreen) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Without A Paddle (Widescreen) (DVD, Region 1).

Without A Paddle (Widescreen)

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1. Go to special features menu, select theatrical trailer & press right, then enter. 2. select additional scenes & press enter. Select Jerry's office, press right & then enter. 3. Select MTV intersitials & press enter. Select sleeping bag 2 girls, press left & then enter.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Davart

Extended scene with Del

Go to Special Features, then additional scenes. Scroll down to Jerry's Office and select the right arrow. A skull and crossbones will appear on Tom's chest. You will see an extended scene with Del

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by mizvoodoovega

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