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Battlefield Earth - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Battlefield Earth (DVD, Region 1).

Battlefield Earth

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Various Behind the Scenes Footage

From the disc's main menu go to "Special Features." Here press the right arrow key on the remote to highlight the spaceship. Ifyou press 'Enter@ now you will get to see some B-roll footage with make-up tests. On the second page of Special Features you can do the same thing and highlight the Pyramid. This will allow you to watch even more behind the scenes footage - this time a mob scene clip. But thats sytill not all, if you highlight the hidden elements in the "Cast & Crew" section you will get to see a stunt test clip, and in the 'Lauguages' menu you can access yet another brief stunt test clip. But thats still not all. Another clip is in the "Scenes Selection". Go to chapter 7-12 and scroll through all the chapters until you highlight a hidden Psychlo image, Pressing 'Enter' will bring up a scene of an extra shooting a Bazooka. The biggest ghidden feature is unsuspectingly found in the commentary track on the disc. If you watch the film with the audio commentary on occasionlly a Psychlo letter will appear on the screen. Selecxting it will then take you to some behind-the-scenes footage of that particular scene. All these clips from the commentary can also be accessed directly with your remote. Simply go to the titles 19-32 and you'll get to see these clips. Please consult your player's user manual how to directly access titles on a DVD, as this is handled differently on each DVD player.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by DougieB

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