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Star Wars Trilogy (Fullscreen) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Star Wars Trilogy (Fullscreen) (DVD, Region 1).

Star Wars Trilogy (Fullscreen)

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General Goofiness

There are multiple ways to get to this easter egg. This way is the easiest I know. Go to the documentry and select scene. Choose 4 ANH when it starts up then press the skip back button on your remote and it starts the gag reel.


Hidden Revenge of the Jedi Trailer: Insert the 'Bonus Materials' disc and access the 'Trailers' option. Once there, highlight Return of the Jedi and press UP. Where it once said "Trailer" it will now read, "Revenge Trailer". Select it to reveal the unused teaser trailer for "Revenge of the Jedi", which was eventually renamed Return of the Jedi!

Alternate Versions

Just like the with both Episodes One & Two, during the FBI warning press any number 1 through 4 on your remote and change menu opening and background.


On the Bonus Disc, go to Video game & Still galleries page. Using the remote press 11 or 10+,1, wait for the pause,3 wait again & then 8

All easter eggs were generously submitted by phat_tonyca

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