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Spider-Man (2-Disc Special Edition)(Widescreen) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Spider-Man (2-Disc Special Edition)(Widescreen) (DVD, Region 1).

Spider-Man (2-Disc Special Edition)(Widescreen)

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Comic Book shots from the movie

On disc 1, from the Main Menu access the 'Special Features' then access 'Character Files'. You should now see selections for Tobey, Kristen, Willem, J.K - Jonah H, Rosemary - Aunt May, and Cliff - Uncle Ben. The following works for everyone except for Cliff's (Uncle Ben) film credit. On each actor's second page of credits, press UP to draw a circle around the character's name. Select it to view the character's info with comic book images from the movie residing next to the text!

CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel

On disc 1 (the film disc), click on 'Commentaries'. A picture of harry osborn should now be seen. Click on this new picture of Harry Osborn and a new screen will load called 'CGI Bloopers & Gag Reel'. Select it to reveal a CGI clip of Peter Parker running over the rooftops as you see in the film, but this time he's chasing the pills as you would see in a Pac-Man game! Also, you'll get to see a clip of Spider-man's hands climbing a wall! That's right no body this time! Just as well, you'll see a clip of the CGI Spider-Man & Green Goblin doing aerobics!

McFarlane Talks About Webbing

Insert Disc 2 into a DVD player (not a DVD-ROM). Select the 'DVD-ROM' option. If you press UP, a picture of 'Spidey's head' will appear. Select it to access Spider-Man artist, Todd McFarlane, talking about how he reinnovated Spidey's webbing!

Rogue's Gallery

On Disc 2, access the 'Evolution of Spider-man' option. Choose the 'Rogue's Gallery'. Go to 'Electro'. Now, higlight the 'Menu ' button and press DOWN. You'll end up highlighting a 'Spider-man's sillouette'. Select it and you'll get the full screen version of the 3D Electro. This egg also works for the Venom and Scorpion options!

The History of the Sinister Six

On Disc 2, go to the 'Comic' section of the DVD. Choose the 'Evolution of Spider-man' option. Now, go to 'Rogue's Gallery'. At the top you will see a picture of Spidey with his spidey sense tingling. Press UP on your remote until Spider-man's spidey sense gets highlighted. Once this happens, push PLAY to reveal info & 3D photos on The Sinister Six!

John Romita & John Romita Jr.

On Disc 2, select the 'Web of Spider-Man' option. Then select 'The Evolution of Spider-Man'. The select the 'Artists Gallery' option and press RIGHT. The words "The Romitas" will appear at the upper right corner of the screen. Select the words to reveal a feature on John Romita Sr. and John Romita Jr!

Comic Book Movie Covers

On Disc 2, from the Main Menu, access the 'Artist Gallery'. Now, access the 'Comic Book Artist Gallery'. Now, look for a black & white drawing by Terry Dodson. Highlight the camera, then press UP. This will highlight Terry Dodson's signature. Select it to reveal a gallery of famous Spider-man comic book covers, but instead of the orginal artwork you get a the "movie versions" of the covers! To access this egg another way, from the first disc, access 'Special Features'. Then, highlight the 'Main Menu' or 'Play Movie' options and press LEFT. You will highlight the spider. Select it to reveal a menu of easter egg locations!

Alternate Menu

On Disc 1, from the Main Menu, press UP then press ENTER to reveal an alternate menu!

All easter eggs were generously submitted by Satelk

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