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Cold Creek Manor - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Cold Creek Manor (DVD, Region 1).

Cold Creek Manor

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Polaroid Photos

On the menu screen, the menu choices appear inside of a circle of a magnifying lens on a desk with a computer and other items in the background. With PLAY highlighted, hit the left arrow on your remote and a red circle should appear on one of several Polaroid photos lying on the desk. Hit enter and a stack of polaroid photos will appear and slowly flip through the stack slide show fashion.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Jack Straw

More Pictures - The Good-'ol Days

From the Main Menu, go to the Bonus Features menu. Select the Audio Commentary menu item, which opens another menu screen, allowing you to turn the commentary On or Off. Press down to highlight Bonus Materials and then press left to highlight the background photo under the magnifying glass. Select it to see a series of old photos of the Manor back in the good-'ol days before Hoof and Mouth Disease decimated the sheep herds.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Jack Straw

Scene Selection Egg

Go to Scene Selections from Main Menu. Move Cursor to "10-12" in bottom left on the first page of scenes. Click the down arrow to select the cut off image in the upper left corner and hit Select. You will see a series of positive and negative photographs of the manor and of workers with kill hammers on top of a light box, shown in a slide show manner.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Jack Straw

Picture Book

From main menu, go to 'Bonus Features' and select 'Deleted Scenes & Alternate Ending.' After a short intro by the director, a menu of deleted scenes shows up - go to the top right one and press the UP button on your remote to see what was in the book the son found.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by BigCope2

Bells & whistles

Go to the Bonus features, select Deleted scenes. Move right to highlight A Struggle At The Devils Throat. Next press up with the direction key on the remote. It will highlight a red line above Deleted Scenes. Press enter or ok on the remote. You'll be treated to a look inside the childrens book and the disturbing images within.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by Davart

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