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Terminator, The (Special Edition) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Terminator, The (Special Edition) (DVD, Region 1).

Terminator, The (Special Edition)

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Behind The Scenes Clip

On side "A" of the disc, select "Languages". Arrow RIGHT. You should have just highlighted a small box in the frame of the slide. Select this to reveal a small Behind The Scenes clip!

Extra commentaries

On side A, go to the chapters menu, specifically for scenes 13-16; arrow DOWN until the green box highlights in the top border and press ENTER. A commentary about extra dialogue will play. Doing the same thing for scenes 25-28 takes you to a Jim Cameron commentary on Stan Winston's SFX; for scenes 29-32 Jim will comment on cyborgs in general.

Michael Biehn behind the scenes

From the Main Menu accesss the Special Features Menu. Highlight the 'resume film' button and press DOWN. Access this to reveal a behind the scenes clip with Michael Biehn!

All easter eggs were generously submitted by Satelk

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