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Strawberry Eggs (I My Me) - Pop Quiz (Vol. 2) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Strawberry Eggs (I My Me) - Pop Quiz (Vol. 2) (DVD, Region 1).

Strawberry Eggs (I My Me) - Pop Quiz (Vol. 2)

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Bonus Clip:

Go down to 7th Period. Once there, hit left, down, right, right, down, up, left, left, and then enter. This will bring you to "Bench Talk: What If". It connects with the "Bench" scene in the 7th episode. This doesn't work on the menu's first load. It only works on the looping portion of the menu. You'll need to select something in the menu then go back first, or just wait until the initial introduction is done.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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