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Any Given Sunday - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Any Given Sunday (DVD, Region 1).

Any Given Sunday

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ROM from DVD Player:

Several of the DVD-ROM features on disc two of this set are encoded as DVD-Video pieces, thereby enabling set-top DVD users to access them through their player. However, since these video pieces can not be accessed through the main menu system, these will take some work to get to. Here are instructions to get to these video pieces, as well as some explanatory notes on what these are. Each video segment will have a corresponding title number. your Enter button the title number into your player to access each video clip. Section One: Script-to-Screen While the various versions of the script are not accessible through set-top players, users can access two different versions of each scene (a rough cut version, plus the final cut), as follows:Tony & Willie Lunch:Title 33: Rough Cut, Dated 9/5/99, No Intercuts Title 31: Final CutGame 3: Final Touchdown: Title 34: Sample of Dailies Selects Title 32: Final CutSection 2: Virtual Edit SuiteVarious versions of the "Tony Meets Christina" scene are presented here, both with and without audio commentary by head editor Tom Nordberg*, as follows: Title 41: Assembled DailiesTitle 36: Assembled Dailies w/ Nordberg A/C Title 43: Rough Cut Without MusicTitle 38: Rough Cut W/o Music w/ Nordberg A/C Title 42: Rough Cut With MusicTitle 37: Rough Cut W/ Music w/ Nordberg A/C Title 40: Final Cut Title 39: Final Cut W/ Oliver Stone A/C*For some inexplicable reason, Nordberg does not provide commentary for the final cut version of the scene; instead, a portion of Oliver Stone's full-length commentary track from disc one is used.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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