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Independence Day (Five Star Collection) - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Independence Day (Five Star Collection) (DVD, Region 1).

Independence Day (Five Star Collection)

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Hidden Segments

On disc 2, from the Main Menu select 'Data Console'. Highlight 'Main Menu' and press RIGHT. You should have just highlighted a 'power LED' on the computer. Press ENTER to turn the computer on. Once you have turned on the computer, you will see a message appear briefly stating "Access: 7-4-Enter." Now you will see the spaceship in the background acivate. Very qucikly jump back to the Main Menu while the ship is still activated. In order to do this you need to enter the access code from the computer screen before the hovering space ship is deactivated. Deactivation will happen after about 10 seconds. To enter the access code, press the numbers 7 and 4 on your remote, followed by the ENTER key. This code will take you inside the ship. (Note: Some remote controls have a '+10' key. If this is the case you will have hit this key 7 times and then hit 4, followed by ENTER in order to gain access to the ship.) Once you get inside the ship you will have access to a new menu with 4 options: Sonic Separator - allows you to listen to different layers of audio that a movie is made of. On different audio tracks, the dialogue, the sound effects and the music of about 10 minutes from the movie have been isolated so you can listen to them individually! Combat Review - randolmy picks and displays different combat scenes from the film. Monitor Earth Broadcasts - randomly picks and displays one of the fake newscasts that appeared in the movie. They show much more then what in the movie! The access code '7-4' stands for July 4th, and since they movie also plays on July 2nd and 3rd, entering '7-2-Enter' or '7-3-Enter' like described above, will give you access to menus where you can select and watch all of the 12 'Combat Review' segments directly, while the other gives you direct access to the 22 newscasts from the 'Monitor Earth Broadcasts' feature!

All easter eggs were generously submitted by Satelk

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