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Transformers [HD DVD] - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Transformers [HD DVD] (HD DVD, Region Free).

Transformers [HD DVD]

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1.The first (and only) egg on Disc 1 is located after the film's end credits. Wait for the film to finish, and you'll be taken to a special hidden menu. Here, you can watch Teaser Trailer #1 for 'Transformers', a bonus trailers for 2088's 'Iron Man,' as well as 'Autobots Rollout,' a short music video-like montage of footage from the film, and promoting the website of the same name, www.autobotsrollout.com The remaining eggs are all on Disc2. 2. Go to the main menu. Highlight the 'More than Meets the Eye' menu, but don't press "Enter" on your remote. Instead click 'Up,' and an icon of Optimus Prime will appear. Click enter and watch a short clip of the casting of the character of Mojo. 3. Return to the main menu and again select and click 'More than Meets the Eye' once the sub-menu pops up, select 'Theatrical Trailer 4' (again don't hit enter). Press Right on your remote and a Ratchet icon will appear. Hit "Enter" and watch a blooper from one of the deleted scenes, featuring an unfortunate extra whose costume gets an unexpected "lift". 4. Back to thew main menu and select "Their War" section and press "Enter." Then highlight the "Inside the Allspark" and click 'Right' instead of hitting "Enter." A Frenzy icon appears, which takes you to another short blooper, with Michael Bay getting an unexpected visit from Megatron while on the set. 5.The last egg can be found by going back to the main menu, and returning to the "Our World" section. From there highlight the "I Fight Giant Robots" section and click "Right". A Bumblebee icon will appear, which features a mock commercial for a Michael Bay Transformers Toy. NOTE: That although it is not one of Paramount's five official eggs with bonus content, you can access the disc's hidden production credits. Go to the main menu and highlight the "Our World" section. Click "Left," and a Megatron icon will appear. Hit "Enter" to read the credits.

All easter eggs were generously submitted by DougieB

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