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Ratatouille - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc Ratatouille (DVD, Region 1).


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Bonus Feature:

While on the Main Menu, there are two "pots" in the background that are not on the flames. A black rat pops out briefly from behind the one on the right, then after a short while, pops out from behind the one on the left. At either of these times, if you select the pot the rat is behind, you will be treated to one of two short clips. One is a very short promo for Rat Poison (left pot), and the other a brief clip regarding Brad Bird and the movie's title (right pot).

Bonus Feature:

Go to the "Scene Selection" section, click on the flower on the wedding cake, just above the rat to find this egg.

Easter Egg Rating: 100 %
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Hidden Wall-E Reference

In the "Your Freind the Rat" promo by Emile and Remy, a hand-drawn "Wall-E" type robot is piloting the transport craft that docks with the spaceship going to Mars in the "We'll follow you to Mars" song.

Animators In Cooking Class

Go to the "Scene Selection" Menu, select scenes 17-20. highlight "Main Menu" and press RIGHT highlighting a flower on the wedding cake. press enter to watch a clip of the animators in cooking class.

Cooking School

Similar to the "Yes!" egg, in the "Scene Selection", go to 17-20, move your DVD cursor down one, right one, down one (to select Main Menu), then right one to select another flower on the cake. This one shows the animators at chef school learning to cook.

Animators Video

On the scene selection, while able to select chapters 17-20, on the rigth side of the screen, by the main menu selection you'll see a rat on the bottom of the wedding cake. Pass the cursor to the right of the rat and a flower will appear that you can click on. There is a short video about the animators who drew this movie.

L'Ecole Culinaire De Pixar

In "Scene Selection" section, on the scenes 17-20 menu, go right from the red "X" to highlight a flower on the wedding cake, just above the rat to find this egg. A short featurette showing the animators going to cooking school is shown. [Edit Info]

All easter eggs were generously submitted by SirDonk

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