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I Drink Your Blood - Easter Eggs

This page contains easter eggs for the disc I Drink Your Blood (DVD, Region 1).

I Drink Your Blood

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I Eat Your Skin

-Select the Play option in the main menu and click the left arrow to highlight the decapitated head -hit enter. The intro (or trailer) to a 1964 movie "I Eat Your Skin" will start to play.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by black6q

Behind the Scenes:

From the Main Menu go to the 'Bonus Features' section next. Here highlight the severed hand and then press the 'Left' arrow key on your remote control. A 'X' will appear on the axe. If you press the 'Enter' key now the axe will chop up the hanging guy and a severed head is highlighted at the bottom of the screen. Press 'Enter' now and you will see video footage from the recording of the DVD commentary track, showing the director and lead actor.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by SirDonk

Bonus Feature:

In the 'Bonus Features' section select 'DVD Credits' now and go through the various pages until you reach the last one. Here, use the directional keys on your remote control to highlight another severed head. Press 'Enter' and you'll be treated to a clip of the director singing a cute little song about making low budget movies.

This easter egg was generously submitted/corrected by SirDonk

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